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Hello! I'm Bryce.

I’m an author/ illustrator originally from Phoenix, Arizona, but now reside in New York. I have several years of experience working in film and television, and over the last several years I’ve circled back to my first passions, which is comics and cartooning.

Bryce Prevatte Comics

I’ve been drawing actively since I got a fourth grade English assignment to make a comic strip. I immediately fell in love with the task and created my first two characters, Ralf N’ Ozzie. You can see them here- these are some very old comic strips of mine.

Over the years I evolved Ralf N’ Ozzie, and got better at drawing as well. I went from drawing comic strips to comic books- often creating my own characters and stories. In seventh grade I started getting an interest in animation, and learned as much as I could with that. 

Bryce Prevatte comic characters

My interests started veering towards live action film and video and photography when I was in high school, and I ultimately pursued a career as a video editor.  Through the years in TV my passions for comics and cartoons (and animation) have never waned, and now I’m creating stories to fulfil these creative goals.

I’ve created animated series pitches, illustrated children’s books, and even published a web comic, “Drake The Cool Vampire”. Now I’m writing and illustrating a new web comic, “The GMO Squad”, and illustrating my first middle grade graphic novel, “The Land of Forgotten Things”

I’d love it if you would join me on this journey. Stop by from time to time and check out what's coming up!

Thanks for stopping by!

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